Slow Blink builds from the place of conversation.

Slow Blink begins — again and often — with listening sessions, which grounds us in a collective, focused, and participatory framework. It will always be time to tell your story. But first, you have to take the time to understand every angle, and anchor, in order to tell your story in the ways it deserves to be heard.

If you’re considering Slow Blink for work, book a free and initial listening session, where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your needs, hopes, and obstacles with Bretty.

Whether it’s a single workshop session or months-long project, Slow Blink operates from a phase-based blueprint that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

This guiding document provides the framework for our shared work, ensuring full delivery, access, and adoption.

Slow Blink works in sprints to maintain momentum, stay ahead of deadlines, and leave room for creative rest. At the end of any project, Slow Blink provides each client with a list of “recommended extensions,” which are next steps that a client could pursue themselves, with Slow Blink, or any other consultant. While Slow Blink will help tell your story, the underlying goal is to help you tell your story.

Slow Blink combines craft, psychology, and linguistics to provide you with the tools and tips to tell your stories in the ways they deserve to be heard.

Discovery Audits

A detailed analysis and synthesis of your digital storytelling strategy, ecosystem, and efforts, these discovery audits are all about listening. Designed to be your digital blueprint, these audits discover where you’ve been in order to release you into where you belong.

Story Anchors

A set of 5-7 sentiments and sentences that anchor your brand stories to specific business goals, actions, audiences, and platforms, story anchors sit in the space of what’s called “the brand gap.” Doubling as the foundation of your editorial calendar, your brand’s set of story anchors define and guide the boundaries of your brand’s vocal chord, helping shorten the distances between you, your stories, and your consumers.

Narrative Frameworks

Are you on the cusp of an anniversary or launch of a new campaign, or did you just refresh your branding and you’re now looking to empower your stories and storytellers? Slow Blink helps brands large and small organize, structure, and turn their stories into community-driven organic storytelling programs and presences.


Hour-long to full-day, educational to generative, single session to our ten-course curriculum, consider Slow Blink’s signature workshops. Designed to inspire, educate, and empower, Slow Blink’s workshops are perfect for professional development, team building, and storytelling strategizing. From single sessions for professional development purposes to a ten-course curriculum, Slow Blink has your next step in mind.

Story anchors are the foundation of the Slow Blink process.

Story anchors sit in the brand gap: between the story you tell and the story others tell about you.

In short, they are sentences and sentiments that are deeply rooted in your brand, mission, and core values, but cut through the noise by elevating the human impact of your efforts in the voice of a consumer. We’re less focused on the story we tell, and instead, on the story we want someone else to tell for, and about, us.

Combining elements of craft and performance, story anchors are designed to elicit an emotional response.

Borrowing from traditional and untraditional forms of storytelling, story anchors are meant to be open-ended, invitational, and experiential. They use colloquial language and shorthand expressions, and can convey anything, from sales to events. In a sense, they are built in the voice of your consumer’s possible experience. Meaning, they are a synthesis of voice. In the digital space, you never quite know who is listening, and so these anchors ensure you’re speaking to multiple demographics at once.

Story anchors are meant to be aesthetic, but they are built to be functional.

At the same time that they act as the foundation of your brand’s storytelling efforts — they’re meant to be both said and seen — they also function as your editorial calendar, anchoring your content into clear, distinct, and organized buckets. They also flip content creation on its head: beginning from the takeaway, you won’t waste time figuring out “what story” you’re telling. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an anchor is worth a thousand hours (ok fine, maybe a hundred).

The outcome?

Your brand’s set of story anchors elevates, empowers, and organizes your storytelling efforts. They sit in between your paid and organic efforts, supporting your marketing campaigns while boosting your everyday brand stories. They fill in all of your gaps, from newsletter subject lines to headers on your website. They are especially good at being printed on collateral where you have no room for verbosity. Perhaps most importantly, they can help alleviate tensions within organizations and across audiences, as your set of anchors are built to be inclusive entrances for every possible experience.

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