Slow Blink impacts the way you see your stories and the way you look at storytelling today.

Storytelling is an inseparable part of our daily experience. It is in the words we use, the way we see our surroundings, and how we make sense of our experiences. In between nature and nurture is our narratives: of ourselves, each other, and the world.

Slow Blink combines craft, psychology, and linguistics to provide you with the tools and tips to tell your stories in the ways they deserve to be heard.

Case Studies

  • Washington Wine

    Washington Wine

    Developing a narrative framework with, around, and for the 1000+ licensed winemakers and 400+ grape growers in the industry.

  • IBM


    Helping consolidate IBM’s global blogs into a single storytelling hub publishing cutting edge articles on work, technology, and sustainability.

  • The Bush School

    The Bush School

    Guiding key leadership, educators, and marketing and admission teams through a half-day workshop on digital community building.

  • Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance

    Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance

    Building a narrative framework to empower the region and its 130+ wineries to tell their individual and collective stories to the world.

  • The Seventh Wave

    The Seventh Wave

    Crafting story anchors and directing programs for a BIPOC- and queer-led arts nonprofit publishing art in the space of social issues.

  • Rachel Edelman

    Rachel Edelman

    When Rachel approached Slow Blink, she asked us to create soft landings for her readers, audiences, and communities. She wanted folks to engage with her and her work, both offline and online.

Selena Kritsonis

Director of National Sales & Global Exports, Woodward Canyon Winery

“After months of searching for the right person to help guide us through our brand work, Bretty came to us highly recommended and we clicked with him immediately. He is a thoughtful, socially-attuned digital storyteller that helped us define our distinct messaging for our brand’s unique place in Washington Wine. In the time we spent working with Bretty, he was professional, showed great communication skills and demonstrated a deep understanding of our goals and company vision. He helped us cultivate a comprehensive and honest brand voice to better tell our story of who we are and where we came from. Starting with only an organically grown brand, this was a critically poignant step in our work ultimately ratifying our brand in the years to come.”

Mark Klein

SVP, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, CommonSpirit Health

“Today, you said a compelling story should be entertaining, thought-provoking, and, if done well enough, evoke an emotional response. Your workshop did all three of those for us today.”

Tiffany Britton

President, Alliance of Women in Washington Wine

“Without you, I don’t think we would have achieved our scholarship goals or attained the bits of credibility we now have. We appreciate you more than you could ever know. Your efforts are helping us make meaningful change in our industry.”

Christopher Blake

External Relations Manager for Developer Ecosystems, IBM

“Our partner was super excited about the work we did here with Make Music Count, and it’s because of the vision you saw for the expanded piece.”

Katie Sims

PR, Novelty-Hill Januik

“Bretty is a careful listener and creative thinker. He used both skill sets to build a digital strategy roadmap for Novelty Hill-Januik. And the results? Magic.”

Rachel Edelman

Dear Memphis

“Bretty redesigned my author website ahead of my book launch, transforming my digital presence into a home that will hold my work for years to come. The space now feels open and expansive: ready for the book I’ve already made and equipped for the work I haven’t yet imagined.”

Liz Knapke

Executive Director, Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance

“You are a national treasure.”