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At IBM, Slow Blink was enlisted to help bring IBM’s global voice to focus.

Bretty joined a team of storytellers to help consolidate IBM’s global blog ecosystem into a single storytelling center — the IBM Think hub — and publish cutting edge articles about the ever-changing landscape of work, technology, and sustainability.

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With 10 years of experience working in WordPress and CMS environments, Bretty co-led the development of IBM’s process documents for publishing on the Think Blog, and has also held post-migration content projects, SEO enhancement projects, and more.

Bretty works with a team of storytelling to think, curate, and publish thought leadership articles on topics such as food traceability technologies, innovation in schools and classrooms, and learn pages dedicated to generative AI, foundation models, and large language models.  

In the first year of the new IBM Think blog, 4 of the Top 10 highest performing posts were written, edited, or published by Bretty.


“You’re a rockstar for paying attention to all these details.”

Chris Leonard, Digital Data & Analytics Strategist, IBM

“Content development is a challenging and volatile task due to changes and frequent last-minute requests, but Bretty and the editorial team are always diligent and helpful when we send our content for publication or if we need further edits. Thanks to their work we are able to have a consistent timeline of work and we have clear guidelines to promote our stories on the IBM blog.”

Fernando Arreaza Vargas, Social Impact Media Relations Manager, IBM

Being able to lean on your team to help with the brainstorming of any piece — from the appropriate author to flow of an article — to really figure out how to best position our stories is so valuable. We’re telling all these stories because we think they’re great content and need to be shared, but your team saves us time while elevating the quality of each individual story. Our partner was super excited about the work we did here with Make Music Count, and it’s because of the vision you saw for the expanded piece. When our clients hear that we have a team of writers that is on their story, it gives them that extra love and energy from IBM. They sense the teamwork that is happening over here at IBM. So thank you. It’s been amazing, I really appreciated the opportunity to work with you, Bretty.

Christopher Blake, External Relations Manager for Developer Ecosystems, IBM