Case Study

Rachel Edelman

“Bretty redesigned my author website ahead of my book launch, transforming my digital presence from into a home that will hold my work for years to come. The space now feels open and expansive: ready for the book I’ve already made and equipped for the work I haven’t yet imagined.”

When Rachel approached Slow Blink, she asked us to create soft landings for her readers, audiences, and communities. She wanted folks to engage with her and her work, both offline and online.

Design Logic

For this one-month build, we moved Rachel’s website from Wix to Squarespace, giving her a fresh new look.

With the impetus of the project being the launch of her debut book, we centered everything around the book: the featured imagery on home page comes directly from the cover art of the book, and the site’s color palette is also built off the colors in the image.

With intentionality, simplicity, and visual experience at the foundation of the refresh, the goal was to center blossom, her book, and connection.

Voice driven content

Rachel wanted her website to be a synthesis of voice.

Scattered throughout Rachel’s site, you’ll find textures of perspective, personality, and voice. At times, it will be Rachel’s own words — quotes from her about her approach to writing — but also words from publishers, critics, and readers, like what you see below.

It’s the little changes

When building websites for individuals, it’s often the little changes that make all the difference.

We made all kinds of enhancements to Rachel’s site, from humanizing the about and contact page to creating a featured carousel of past publications in effort to help showcase her archive. You can see a few of those updates below.

“The process was seamless. Prior to working with Slow Blink, I felt completely overwhelmed by the idea of redesigning my website, but it also felt urgent and necessary. Bretty immediately made me feel supported and heard through the journey. His transparency, communication, and deliverables were so beautiful and easy.”

Rachel Edelman