Case Study

The Bush School

Group of people standing in a formation with their arms up in front of a cabin and trees

On the cusp of its 100 anniversary, The Bush School hired Slow Blink for a half-day professional development workshop, guiding their key leadership, educators, and marketing and admission teams through several visual conversations about the role, art, and act of digital storytelling in today’s sociopolitical world.

digital community building

One part educational, one part conceptual, and one part generative, these interactive workshops provided a blueprint for digital community building through data-driven and craft-based storytelling strategies.

The sessions were tailored to help their teams of marketing and communications professionals approach, interrogate, and refresh their relationship to storytelling in advance of their anniversary campaign and brand refresh project. These sessions underscored the teamwork it takes to tell digital stories.

Staff walked away with robust conversation and dialogue about the role, nature, and art of storytelling today.

Coming from a place of craft, we broke down storytelling into its two main components: the stories and their telling. Grounded in data and research, we consider the psychology of reading, as well as the power dynamics that quietly exist in a field as fluid as art.