Case Study

Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance

Large vineyard landscape on a hill with mountains and trees in the background

In advance of their 40th anniversary, the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance brought Slow Blink in to help with their brand messages and messaging.

Having recently completed a brand refresh, the WWVWA needed a storyteller to build a narrative framework to empower the region and its 130+ disparate wineries to tell their individual and collective stories to the world.

story anchors

Bretty worked with the Alliance’s marketing committee to create the industry’s set of 8 story anchors.

These sentiments and sentences are the foundation to the regions stories: the history of the land, the youthfulness and camaraderie of the community and spirit, and power, experimental nature, and global acclaim of Walla Walla wine.

Digital storytelling

The Alliance also enlisted Slow Blink to refresh its visual storytelling on its website.

After excavating the voice of the brand and building a language map for the region, Slow Blink revamped the region’s digital presence, elevating the voices of the region so that consumers could be one click away from the energy, spirit, and personality of the wine.

Slow Blink also built a “Social Media Kit” for the alliance which pre-curated 50% of their annual social media content — 105 posts — organized by story anchor, with accompanying visual asset, caption, CTA, and body text.

For organizations that have an individual who, in part, oversees social media, this is meant to make their job 50% easier, by supplying the person with all the components to make evergreen and timely posts that are on brand, voice, and mission.

What’s better, this collaborative process allows us to elevate the actual voices of those in the industry, valley, and community.

Lastly, Bretty hosted a series of workshops for the Alliance’s constituents on best practices for digital storytelling.

He also created a digital strategy for the Alliance in advance of their 40th anniversary, so that they had an actionable road map to celebrate the diversity, voice, and depth of the region.